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21/09/2009 Added "What's new" and "About me" pages to site and tidied up a little, also updated "shack" page a little and added barebones of equipment pages.

22/09/2009 Added more recent picture of the shack.

23/09/2009 Added hit counters to homepage and EVRS homepage

29/09/2009 Updated EVRS photo page with pictures of "eden9" distribution.

12/10/2009 Added photo of 30th anniversary curry night.

15/10/2009 Testgear page updated with brief info on homebrew test equipment.

16/11/2009 New guestbook script added, also contact me page altered.

30/11/2009 Updated HF radio page with "ComboSTAR" TrxAVR LCD picture.

22/12/2009 "ComboSTAR" page added with basic info and build progress pictures.

09/01/2010 DSP LED video added to "ComboSTAR" page.

18/01/2010 Updated ComboSTAR page as build progresses, mp3 and new pictures added.

09/03/2010 Minor updates to ComboSTaR page, now receiving and transmitting, but still far to go.

11/04/2010 Updated "About me" page with picture of G4HMA one of my inspirations to become a radio amateur.

08/06/2010 Updated ComboSTaR page with latest build info and short video of 5" Tft touchscreen display.

17/06/2010 Updated homepage with picture of Tft display for "Combo" also finally got round to doing a VHF/UHF page.

17/09/2010 Updated ComboSTaR page as now on air, transverter interface working, PCA9555 switching board added and working.

22/09/2010 Added follow up page about USB sound card interface article in Radcom.

28/09/2010 Imported page about my GLA-1000b Linear amplifier from my old website and brought it up to date a little, more to come.

203/12/2010 Updated VHF/UHF page with details of 4M transverter PA change, still more to add though.

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